Monday, August 01, 2005

A terror tale...

The unexpected do happens ... u get what u have long desired for....U hold what u dreamt of.... it comes when u lest expect it.....

Yippyyyyyyyyyy.. Hurray................... I am happy with the fortuitous turn of events, Dr. Jawahar has offered me TAship in C programming (:)). Suddenly u feel like on top of the world...Teachin was my fantasy when i was in my 5th grade.. I liked the commanding nature the job demands.. the sudden altoughter BIG feeling u get in teaching (i used to clear maths doubts of my classmates ) .... the respect u get from ur (ah...ahem) 'students' .When u r not strict, give them space to make noise while teaching, and clears the concept of whats being taught ... atlest this is how i portray my "IDEAL TEACHER".

The first two classes went extraordinarily well if u look it in the light that it was my first official class (lab in this case). I came back from library at 11:02 AM check mail and see that i am supposed to take the lab of group A2 and A4 at 10:45 PM along with one other tutor.I was like "HUH?? come again". i went through the mail twice... double check the TO and CC headers, the addressee. All shocked, thrilled and electrified at the same time.

I rush(ran) to the lab.(late on the very first day of my beforehad preparation for Lab.. no idea from where will i start...tut-tut). Dr. Jawahar has already given them the problem ( find whether the given no is prime or not )and left.. i lurch in the class, the other tutor hadnt turned up yet,people are burried deep in their terminals , thinkin deep thoughts to make the program.well then i walk up to the stage and start

"PLZ Pay attention here (people raise their heads and gave the look 'now WHATTT !!!' as if i had disturbed the deep silence and intervened in their thoughts' ) Has any body got any probs with the problem given here.... i mean everybody knows what a prime no is ??"

"YES" , came the reply with some explanations what it was .

" ok then , clear with the syntax of the language, the loops , conditional expressions?"

" " <-- a long silence. and thus started the tutorial, and it went well. I took the tutorial till 12:45 noon. i was all thirsty and thwarted. scurring from one pc to another.

Similar stuff on the second day, i was accompanied by Nidhi and not late like the prev day .... well this TA thing has added livliness to my daily routine. I am all happy and excited.well i wish this continues for ever, I am loving it .My father and mother were all blithe and delighted, sister thrilled with the news.She said "Jaane is desh ka kya hoga? :P, tujhe yeh teachin ka job mila kaise, kisi ko bhi de dete hain kya?? bechaare baache :(" ) .

I hope my TA classmates, also had the same joyous and merry experience on their first tutorial. Rest all is going fine in my life and it seems that GOD is in HIS heaven and its all right with the world :).

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