Monday, May 30, 2005

I am back.....

Grrr....I published this post 2 days back
written a whole long post accounting the trip and
at the end, when i was writtin the "bbye then " part The light went off

anyways , had a gr8 time
Agroha, Chandigarh, Shimla, Kullu-manali, Dharmshala, chamunda, nainadevi, chintaharini, Guru Anand Pur SAhib , Kurukshetra

A 10-11 day trip .. went like a whip of fresh air .... travelled some 2700 kms in a brand new Bolero .........

shimla was a Cool Place (in both senses;) ) .... but in my opinion no use going along with the family , all lovebirds , newly weds and Romeo-julieots .....

Just enjoy the air , the freshness , hotel rooms, food and gals .....

the whole Punjab-Harayana area is gr8
The punjabi-food (parathes), punjabi-folks, punjabi-kudis ................ punjab rocks

booked my return tickets 2 days back .. will come there on 21st .... Its RAC hope i get the clearin

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Alas Its all Rest and No Work and All Good

i returned here after 4months. I dont know what is that takes up my imagination durin the journey, the treatment u get at home from ur mom dad is mesmerising u feel majestic.

the food, the sleepk, its brim, so that u can take no more......Its Good,very Good Indeed.

But Everytime u meet ur mamaas, chaachas, chaachis, taujis, mausajis the same old
1)how is it going?
2)u dont have any probs now , do u ??"no certainly not??"
3)U have good company there ??
4)U dont have prob killin ur time now ,rite ?? friends,work is it not so

Some go a step ahead :
to wahan log lungi(dhoti) pahente hai naa??
Maan lag gaya??Bore to Nahi hota??

I say Come on,not again :
Tired of tellin them its not kerala or Tamil Nadu

But i guess this is not a prob u always need some thing to startup.
what else they have to ask me abt,

"the weather ?? "
"Its k ,fine."

then starts the same old good fashioned BC. Teasin, ear-pullin, masti, cards
( most of my taujis,chachajis love to play them with us , even my dad joins the game and then its gr8 fun)

Alll in alll its worth the wait of 4 months.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

After all not a bad day

Today we went for Kaal but hard Luck, the movie was playing fullhouse.
We then decided to wait till the next show but it was Fullhouse for the next show too.
then finally decided to go for XXX-2 : State of The Union
And U know what, Ice Cube sucked hard in that movie. Just a bag of
shit, all crap bundled up.I could no longer stand up the "Adreline Pumpin"
Action Seens. All bullshit. Nothin like the Vin Diesel one (XXX -1 ).
I say even Austin Powers stands above that crap. No attitude ,
no looks, no scene(action/hot/comedy),simply nothin that u could recollect
(n believe me u dont wont to).

On a scale of 5 i would rate it *1/2.

But Still it wasnt all that bad ( i mean apart from the movie part ).
We went for the Boat ride in HussainSagar. It was good, the climate was
Coool and Pleasent.Had a gr8 time at eat Street and watched TV after
4 months, the promos ,ads good.
A not so bad outing at all.
And just for ur info i am leavin on 5. will be back in June.

And this is a good script i got my hands on,
found it somewhere wont tell u that but U will love it

" A PHP Script to send SMS "

# 10 digit number .. can get it from a form using post method
$t = $_POST['toNo'];

# convert it to an email format

# message body .. can get it from a form using post method
$body = $_POST['message'];
$header= "From:". $from."\r\n";
$header.= "X-Mailer: PHP/". phpversion();

if (mail($to,$subject,$body,$header,"-f $from"))
echo "To: $t \n";
echo "From: $f \n";
echo "Message: $body \n";
echo "message sent successfully.";
echo "Message delivery failed...\n";


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