Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bash Script to Create users in a DB

Many a times when running unit test on a clean build, I want to skip the user creation part, or may be reset the user details/profile for a particular user(s) in Development environment.
Of course there are unit test suite written to automate the flow, but sometimes when you are in the flow or designing the test cases itself, you need something to do the little rub-scrub-and-setup the little tiny jobs.
Here is my small script which deletes two very specific users from the my_dev_db db and creates them again. The details of the user are in file UserProd.txt which is tab delimited.  Enjoy.

[parag@paragcentosvm ~]# cat

mysql -u parag_dev -pSOMEPASSWORD -e "DELETE FROM User_Table where UserId in (110,111);" -D my_dev_db;
mysql -u parag_dev -pSOMEPASSWORD -e "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/home/Parag/UserProd.txt' INTO TABLE User_Table;" -D my_dev_db;

Using Tcpdump to dump and read network traffic

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