Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Performance Improvements in AWS SDK for .NET

Amazon recently released a new version of the AWS SDK for .NET which fixes some issues causing additional intermittent latency.  SDK versions 2.3.x.x and onwards contain the fix for this issue.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Setting up Microsoft DPM for Backing Azure IAAS workload

Microsoft Data Protection Manager now supports backup of Microsoft Azure workloads on Azure platform. Here are some interesting things to note about the supported deployments:

  • DPM is supported on any Azure IaaS virtual machine that is size A2 or higher.
  • DPM can protect workloads that run across multiple Azure cloud services that have the same Azure virtual network and Azure subscription.
  • The number of disks that can be used for the target storage (DPM storage pool) is limited by the size of the virtual machine (maximum of 16). For more information about size limits, see Azure Virtual Machines.

[Solved] Android Studio : Android emulator is incompatible with Hyper-V

Have been lately doing Android development. Ran into a minor problem. So I have two machines, a desktop and a laptop. I set the project on ...