Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Alas Its all Rest and No Work and All Good

i returned here after 4months. I dont know what is that takes up my imagination durin the journey, the treatment u get at home from ur mom dad is mesmerising u feel majestic.

the food, the sleepk,everythin.to its brim, so that u can take no more......Its Good,very Good Indeed.

But Everytime u meet ur mamaas, chaachas, chaachis, taujis, mausajis the same old
1)how is it going?
2)u dont have any probs now , do u ??"no certainly not??"
3)U have good company there ??
4)U dont have prob killin ur time now ,rite ?? friends,work is it not so

Some go a step ahead :
to wahan log lungi(dhoti) pahente hai naa??
Maan lag gaya??Bore to Nahi hota??

I say Come on,not again :
Tired of tellin them its not kerala or Tamil Nadu

But i guess this is not a prob u always need some thing to startup.
what else they have to ask me abt,

"the weather ?? "
"Its k ,fine."

then starts the same old good fashioned BC. Teasin, ear-pullin, masti, cards
( most of my taujis,chachajis love to play them with us , even my dad joins the game and then its gr8 fun)

Alll in alll its worth the wait of 4 months.

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