Monday, June 12, 2006

What Ho .. OLD EGG??


one wonders where this man all on the face of earth wanders when there are things bright and beautiful and of importance doing round the globe.

Paggi,as you know him is a man, who makes round here and there, with no special purpose on mind. There had been bright providential proceeding in the life lately. Though its a little late to bring notice to the fact that he has been appointed at M$ for his excellent academic and technical skills, We will drop on this matter of attention in later posts.

So what has brought this chap meandering to blogosphere. Well today has been one of those heteromorphic moments which one feels like sharing with the old pals ( internet surfies ).

This bright and bewitching morning when i was marching down the corrider of a pal of mine Hariveer bunged into me

"morning Paggi "
"morning Hariveer"
"coming for checking DWDM copies?"

DWDM (DATA WAREHOUSING AND DATA MINING) as some of you are aware, was taught in our 5 sem. The subject brings one down to the lane of memories where you catch glimpse of Paggi sitting at the end of the class 305, profoundly occupied in the work of the great P G WODEHOUSE. well leaving those distant memories far-flung lets jump back to the present.

Checking copies or lets say validating the scrutinizing work of the faculty, shudders me to the deep. One says what is the use of digging into the past mistakes and blunders, merely a waste of time. But one will agree, there are times when the old educator adds 5 and 5 to 8. So one should be at safe stand and prevent such follies which ulimately leads to retrenching of grade and SG and CG.

So i say " wait for me a min and i will join u"

Heading for the main building, and finally to the doors of the experienced guide. I dash to the end of the room where the answer scripts are placed in neat piles. Three seperate piles for the three assessments viz mid-sem1, mid-sem-2 and end sem. Having secured up to the mark in the mid sems, I had apparently done some mis-judging of the
end-sem Q paper. I mean a instructor should not go to the extend of asking practical implications of Data-warehousing and mining in real life. such devilish things ought to keept strictly to the academia. But no.

And then there are Qs asking for making minuscule transmutation of age-old algorithm and methods to solve a puzzle as to how to cluster web-pages in yahoo like hierarchy. Sinister, the whole prospect of this Q paper appeared to me.

One of my batchmate sumeet-jee as we call him with pure affection
"Paggi, you ass.. what brings u here? Tera Ekka to pakka hai naa saale"
"One can not be certain of such things unless the preacher of the subject gives you his words in writin on the stamp paper. Ones own future is in ones own hand...", a wise thought I imparted.

I return to matter of rechecking my marking. In one of the 10 mark Question I had been devoid of even a single number. I mean a curate like me who has gone to the extend of filling one and a half page on random forest, should be awarded atleast 4-5 marks. But a big red O (zero) is what you notice with your bare eyes. I made a swift dash to the professor sitting in his chair brooding into the answer script of my batchmate.

"Sir, I have not been given a single mark in this particular question"
"Haan ? is it not checked ?"
"No sir, this being not the circumstance.. no question has been left under the impeccable eyes of yours. But I have not been given a single mark in this particular question", I repeated myself.

"Ah.. Is it? ...Is it so ? .. well lemme have a look"

"Rubbish.. all this elucidation. The whole recollection of answer is all vague and does not conclude nowhere", he remarked.

Someone needs to delineate to these people of high positions to not say such words to a meritious and scholarly student. It hearts one deep to the soul. I say, you cannot plainly dismiss the work of a student. It needs certain effort to cook up answers in the exam hall on the verge of limited time, topics which are of sparse interest to the person of the student community.

But i stood up and argued that the facts presented are true and correct to my understanding. That random forests are indeed whats been written in my notebook.

"We neednot squabble over the matter.. in fact u should be considerate that i wasted my time reading this odds and ends of yours" and with this he went on to the point of explaining random forests.

but i was taken aback at the soulless nature of the words. I was fuming inside as to how callous can the old blood be of such rank.

I spurted out of the room and sat flared up in my den. his words echoing in ma head, i could not even enjoi my after meal snap. then in the evening while checking my students mail and marking "D" all over the purposeless mails send, i fall across the mail of our DWDM instructor. The subject said "DWDM grades". And my heart starting pumping with 4 times the ordinary thumping rate. and when I click open the mail, and scroll down the page to locate my name i was taken aback.

A "A" it read. And a "A" it was after i confirmed it one of my batchmate.

Hip-ho-HURRAY ...


Anonymous said...

hey man....congrats for ur well-earned 'A'
:P ... and u expressed everythin so dramatically well ..... screw u :P

Sukesh Kumar said...

It looked like, in that dark hour he forfeited his "vellagiri", the thing so close to his heart and went on an entirely grand quest of writing a blog which will not only entertain his buddies in blogosphere but they will also be prompted to comment a saga about the saga. Yes sir, THE saga. The saga of his battle for a grade, the saga of walking the line which others couldn't, the saga of finding Wodehouse in his animus. Unfortunate as it is not great times have been passed, since its only 3 semmesters so we can not call it a legend.

Anonymous said...

hey y dont u start writting novels......its an amazing write up...u r sooo soo sooo expressive yaar.....but y hv stopped writting the blogs na.....start writting again na

Rauul said...

god.tooo gud awesome.

dude, u should write more.

Sangeetha said...

Hi, Nice writeup..and Congrats for that surprise "A". Well Done.

(P.S. I was browsing for some notes in DWH and bumped on your site)

Adi said...

I say you old blighter, there is more to you than meets the eye. what ho!

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