Sunday, August 06, 2017

Adding routes on a windows machine

Just a small FYI article.

We have multiple P2P lease lines in our office, connecting our different offices within the city, apart from multiple internet connections.
While trying to access these system its prefered to have them accessible over the leased line network.

All of our networks merge on the single LAN. So we need to add routes on our system to tell them, to direct which traffic through which router (as in the specific router connected to the leased line of a office).

For eg the LAN segment (to our office in OfficeA1) is accessible via router (which is the meeting point of one of the P2P from here to OfficeA1), run the following command from an elevated command prompt.

C:\>route add -p mask
Similarly the LAN segment is accessible via router ip

C:\>route add -p mask

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